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P1010100.JPG (125855 bytes) Patricia's Viner Comp - "I love the frame.  The ride is faabulous -- stable, smooth and a terrific bike for long rides.  It's really beautiful too!" P1010103.JPG (188948 bytes) Patricia's custom wheels for her Hans Schneider - white Velocity rims, nipples colors to match the frame.
Ian's Ritchey Break Away.jpg (125113 bytes) Ian's Ritchey BreakAway - "Thanks again for a smooth pleasant transaction.  Here’s the Break Away…built it up yesterday.  So far I’ve just got a shakedown ride to the coffee shop on it but I’m already in love!  I forgot how wonderful steel was." IMGP4452.JPG (142214 bytes) Mark's Viner Sidus - "It's got DT Swiss TRICON wheels and Campagnolo EveryBling and feels MightyFine!"
Master.jpg (267095 bytes) Tom's Colnago Master - "The Master meets and exceeds my expectations.  We've had lots of perfect riding weather since I received the bike and
its been gratifying to ride it both to work and for workouts."
EricCinelli.jpg (75019 bytes) Eric's Cinelli Xperience
TommasiniRavi.jpg (127417 bytes) Ravi built his Tommasini with GVH handbuilt wheels and hard-to-find Campy triple.  "Thanks for such great service." TommasiniGibran.JPG (168626 bytes) Gibran's Tommasini updated with a new Centaur group from GVH Bikes.
Viner V6 Air Plane.JPG (99987 bytes) Eric's Viner - "The frame arrived in perfect condition!  Looking forward to some extreme hill climbing (and descending) around the San Jose, CA area with the V6. merckx2.JPG (285188 bytes) James's Merckx MX Leader - "I have a custom steel frame made out of OX Platinum and I didn't think the Merckx could be much better.  I was wrong.  It just flat out rides great!"
DSCN5473.JPG (281920 bytes) Robert's Colnago Master - "This frame is far more beautiful up close than in a photo.  It's light and super responsive, accelerates quickly and climbs smoothly and easily.  Thanks again!" Mikeoneyear.jpg (105043 bytes) Mike's Cinelli Estrada - "After one year and 3200 miles, the bike has remained a dream. Only "hottier" with red rubber. Your wheels are true w/o a touch!"
Photo0046.jpg (87345 bytes) Mark's Colnago CT2 - "Love the bike!" redbartape1024.jpg (182092 bytes) Rickie's Viner Nemo - "She has a little over 3000 miles now and still works perfectly.    Thanks again for an incredible bicycle."  "The bike has really done wonders for me personally."  (update: 7000 miles)
Tom  - Ritchey Break-Away.JPG (184873 bytes) Tom's Ritchey BreakAway - "Thanks again for all you did in making this bike a reality!  It really was a pleasure working through the choices with you and I'm exceedingly happy with the bike." WestcoastDSCN0002.jpg (53690 bytes) Brian's DeRosa Neo Primato Pista - "Thanks again for everything- I love the way it turned out, and it's a smooth ride."
16022010.jpg (66603 bytes) John's Cannondale - "The wheels are great and the Force is superb.  Thanks for your help!! 0216101605a.jpg (332035 bytes) Michael's Lyon - "Your shipment packing was great, I was very pleased to see with how much care everything was padded and arranged."
cinelliFred.jpg (158770 bytes) Fred's Cinelli Xperience - "An old-man's Cinelli for the city.  9 speeds, 44 tooth front, Salsa bash guard, mostly FSA including wheel-set, Campy brakes, and gears, Sun Ringle pedals.   I rode it right before the snow... not bad at all." KHS Large.JPG (130547 bytes) Steve - "I purchased my KHS Aero Comp from GVH in 2000 and now 41,691 miles later still riding nice."
DSC_0058.jpg (137604 bytes) Etienne's BH - "This is my little baby size 56 cm 13.5 lbs with pedals" 849141815.jpg (145815 bytes) Dewey's Specialized - "This is the build I put together with the Force Group..  Thanks!  I love it."
DSCN1464.jpg (230841 bytes) Jay's Colnago C-50 - "I've had over a season on it and its definitely been the best bike I've owned- hands down.  Its very quick and responsive but also good for a century ride." IF_garth_1.JPG (74175 bytes) Garth's Independent Fabrications cross bike built with a build kit from GVH Bikes.
nuovo tomato.jpg (120246 bytes) Alex's Cinelli Super Corsa - "I'm extremely happy with it, it's exactly what I wanted and expected. I've got about 40 miles on it so far with many more to come." ColnagoFront.jpg (137272 bytes) Eric's Colnago Master Light - an interesting mix of new and old to make a great looking bike.
Red bike guy.jpg (83200 bytes) Ron and his Cinelli Estrada - "The bike rides like a dream.  I will get my first century on it on Saturday and I can't wait!" New Merckx.jpg (82649 bytes) Dave's Merckx MX Leader - "Finally got it all put together.  Looking forward to the first ride.  Thanks for everything."
Cinelli Side 2.jpg (143001 bytes) Eric's Cinelli Nuovo Super Corsa - "Wanted to share the rebuild of the Cinelli.  I got the parts together and she rides again, looking even finer than before!" XCR009.jpg (113618 bytes) David's Cinelli XCR - "It is finished and I went for a ride yesterday and today.  Smooth.  But it also accelerates well out of the saddle.  Weighs in at 18.4, not bad for a steely." 
CIMG1741.JPG (157846 bytes) Dave's Torelli Toccata - "DuraAce 7800, rides like a dream, exactly as I hoped.  Many thanks!" IMG_0546.jpg (216797 bytes) Rich's Ritchey BreakAway - My brother tells me he wants a new commuter/travel bike - and this is what he does with it!
BruceMerckx.jpg (169356 bytes) Bruce's 20 year old Merckx rebuilt with Campy Super Record and Reynolds wheels! italian-carbon.jpg (99750 bytes) Paul's Torelli Toccata - "Awesome frame!!! - rides like a dream. Built up on Campagnolo Chorus 10 speed group, Mavic Open Pro rims laced to Campagnolo Record hubs.  Thank you!!!"
BrianMerckx.jpg (170941 bytes) Brian's Merckx Corsa Extra - "I really like the way it turned out; all the fun of vintage down-tube shifting with modern performance.  It rides beautifully." TomTeesdale.jpg (183040 bytes) Tung's Teesdale - "I bought this bike in May 2000 from GVH bikes.  I really love my bike."
RobertPuy.JPG (186100 bytes) Robert and his Cannondale on top of Puy de Dome in France.  The bike is built with a Campy kit and handbuilt wheels from GVH. DSC01629.jpg (237024 bytes) Joyce's Pegoretti Duende - "I feel as though I am riding a Bentley."
100_1710.jpg (113303 bytes) Pat's Pinarello Paris - "Thanks for building this beauty for me while I was in Iraq!  Pleasure doing business and I could not ask for better attention to detail in the build." Head Cinelli.jpg (176255 bytes) Russ's Cinelli Xperience - "I had a great time building the Cinelli up this weekend. I finished up late this afternoon, and raced around the neighborhood with my son. I can't wait to take it out for a nice, long, hilly ride.
DavidM.jpg (305973 bytes) David and his Ritchey BreakAway Ti Cross - "At chateau de Castelnau-Bretenoux last summer(vallee de la Dordogne). Great riding. Lots of short climbs and descents." GibranMerckx.jpg (114513 bytes) Gibran's Merckx Corsa Extra - "The bike was perfect for the mountains on the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital Courage Classic.  Thanks for the great service!"
ADPegorettiLuigino.jpg (179637 bytes) Akin's Pegoretti Luigino - "Here is a picture of the 53cm white/blue Luigino that I bought from GVHBikes last month. Thank you!" MichaelViner.JPG (201174 bytes) Michael's Viner Perfecta built with a kit from GVH - "thanks for all of your help with putting the gruppo together."
KirkAPinarello.jpg (248525 bytes) Kirk and his Campagnolo equipped Pinarello F3:13 - "The Pinarello rode like a dream - feeling more and more responsive the harder I pushed it.  Thanks again for all of your help getting the custom Campy build done - I really love it! TimLPlanetX.JPG (126099 bytes) Tim L's stealthy Planet X built with parts from GVH - "The components are all working great! Thanks again!"
JoeMerlin.jpg (250956 bytes) Joe's Merlin - "Thanks for your great customer service.  The bike is a Merlin Agilis and is for the most part assembled from American components, pictured at an American landmark, Launch Complex 14 at Kennedy Space Center." gavia_2.JPG (149749 bytes) Mark P. at the top of the Gavia - looks like a better day than Hampsten saw up there.  "Chorus kit from GVH and the world-famous GVH hand-built "stealth" wheels - everything a-ok going up AND going down at 85kph!!"
TonyKirk.jpg (121671 bytes) Tony's Kirk - Tony had Kirk Frameworks send his new custom frame to us for assembly.  I was truly impressed by this frame. RobertCinelli.jpg (91126 bytes) Robert's Cinelli built with Campagnolo Veloce - "Thanks again for a wonderful bike and great customer service."
PatrickViner.jpg (79234 bytes) Patrick's Viner - "Thanks for all the great service!  Two rides so far now that it is warming up in CNY, superb." TeresaJamis.jpg (197316 bytes) Teresa's Jamis built with a Shimano kit.  Teresa and Chris (below) both have great new bikes for spring.
GibranDeRosa.jpg (243023 bytes) Gibran's DeRosa Neo Primato - "The De Rosa built up beautifully and rides swell.  I plan to use it on the Seattle Livestrong Challenge 70 mile course.  Thanks again for a great shopping experience." ChrisOpera.jpg (274961 bytes) Chris's Pinarello Opera - "My bike worked flawlessly from day 1.  Cant wait for road riding season to start here in the North East."
garyv_small.jpg (156986 bytes) Michael's GaryV Titanium - "The bike is light and responsive--even under my big ass--and the finish is absolutely flawless. Thanks again for your help and flawless products. I'll definitely buy again from GVH." IMG_2299.jpg (93265 bytes) Laura's Landshark - "It rides like a dream and your payment plan & great prices made this bike possible."
Haim.jpg (74010 bytes) Haim's Pegoretti Duende - "It rides beautifully and I enjoy every minute on it." ParisInTheSpring0003.JPG (176668 bytes) Chas' Pinarello Paris - "Sunshine, Paris, 2 hours is not enough.  This dream machine aims to please. Smooth, Quiet, Quick & Responsive.  Need I say more?"
JohnD.jpg (169899 bytes) John's Pinarello - "The bike rides like a dream, and I'm very satisfied with it." PB180005.jpg (145436 bytes) Doug V's "Airborne Manhattan Project built with Campy components from GVH bikes.  It's a sweet Tl ride."
Courchevel1.jpg (95711 bytes) Pat and his Ritchey Breakaway - "Here's a pic of my BreakAway at a reststop about halfway up the climb to Courchevel on the '05 TdF." Sherry.JPG (99282 bytes) Sherry and her 650c Mikelsen - "It may look strange, but I finally have a bike that fits, thanks!"
KayePeg.JPG (93438 bytes) Kaye's Pegoretti Duende - A fine Italian machine! PeteD.jpg (63105 bytes) "Pete's super-stiff GVH Pinarello F3:13 on top of the Rockies. "It was like climbing up with no chain on the bike!" bleated Billy Goat Pete."
DSCN1778.jpg (65294 bytes) Tony's Ritchey BreakAway on top of Mt. Tamalpais - "1600 travel miles so far with 4 centuries, still really happy with my purchase and your help.  Thanks
DSCN0994a.jpg (109668 bytes) Jonathan's Colnago Dream in Nova Scotia - I doubt he used a low gear on the descent.
NathanCalfee.jpg (195348 bytes) Nathan's Calfee - built with a GVH kit.   MarkPinarelloGalileo.jpg (157298 bytes) Mark with his 62cm Pinarello Galileo - "thanks again for your willingness to swap out the Ultegra for Campy, and for your help in putting together a great combo of components."
Rachel.JPG (187013 bytes) Rachel with her Blue, built by GVH bikes. - "Still absolutely loving the bike. Would you believe I
haven't had to do so much as even tighten a cable?"
MarkR.jpg (93770 bytes) Mark and his Pinarello Paris at Mt Rainier on the RAMROD ride - "1,200 miles on it so far including five centuries"
RickieViner.jpg (113766 bytes) Rickie and his Viner Nemo - "I really appreciate your excellent customer service and I would recommend you to anyone." DavidBlue.jpg (133838 bytes) David's Blue - Coincidentally, I got to build up two of these Blue frames in a couple months.
Bernards'Raliegh.jpg (84637 bytes) Bernard's Raleigh - "I am riding 40 miles round trip to work in San Antonio.  Thanks for the fantastic bike!" PinarelloParisCarbon.jpg (84430 bytes) Mark's Pinarello - "I’m still proud to ride my Masi Team 3V that GVH built in 1996.  11 years on, your meticulous bike building stepped me up to carbon with an even faster Italian masterpiece.  Thanks for your great service all these years!!"
EileenViner.jpg (124495 bytes) Eileen's Viner Nemo at the beach in Hawaii.  "Everything is great-great build thanks." GregI.JPG (151443 bytes) Greg's Pegoretti Duende.  "I rode the Duende from Redmond, OR to Missoula, MT last summer and then did RATPOD for a total of just under 900 miles in 8 days. Butt complained but everything else was great."
Sandi's_Marvel.jpg (111412 bytes) Sandi's new Pinarello - "Sandi took it out for its maiden run yesterday, and said it rode and handled brilliantly."   Bosberg_05.JPG (181083 bytes) Brent V with his Merckx Majestic on the Tour of Flanders route.  "Thanks again to you and Gary for the fantastic customer service and the perfect bike build."
Canova.jpg (206742 bytes) Steve F's Opera Canova - "Even Santa Saguaro wants to ride the Super Canova!! It tips the scales at about 16.6 lbs." KevinF413.jpg (172446 bytes) Kevin's Pinarello F4:13 - How's this for a well matched, racy looking bike.
JuanRGaryV.jpg (149565 bytes) Juan's Gary V Titanio:  "A nice combination of stiffness and comfort with a stable ride that's lively without feeling nervous." JohnMGaryV.jpg (110359 bytes) John M's Gary V - complete with 1973 Brooks Pro saddle and a sew-up sock "which has carried junk around for 23 years"
NeilColnago.jpg (90695 bytes) Neil's Colnago Master X-Light - "Thanks for all of your help with my purchase." CasatiatopGlandon.jpg (150119 bytes) Tim T. with his Casati atop the Col du Glandon last July.
DRRidleyCmpct.JPG (109347 bytes) Dale's Ridley Compact - a recent purchase.  "A
happy customer from Georgia - twice"!
RichDuende.jpg (107531 bytes) Rich D's new Pegoretti Duende - looks great with the purple tape.
eddymerckx.jpg (25798 bytes) Neal's vintage Merckx Corsa Extra built with a new kit from GVH RichColnago.jpg (115394 bytes) Rich D's Colnago C-40 that he bought from GVH a couple years ago - still looks new!
BillCMerckx.jpg (36037 bytes) Bill C. with his Merckx Race "On top of Mt.Ventoux in France, July 2006 - chasing the tour.  What a trip, the Merckx was awesome." DanGIreland.jpg (165752 bytes) His and Hers Ritchey BreakAways - "We arrived in Ireland 3 weeks ago and the bikes traveled with no issues or questions. They fit, they work, I couldn't be more pleased with your service."
bikereadyfor600k.jpg (116874 bytes) Sarah's Merckx Team SC outfitted for the San Francisco Rando 600k brevet.  GarciaColnagomxl.jpg (89457 bytes) Carlos G's Colnago Master X-Light
MattK2.JPG (227053 bytes) Matt K with his Ritchey BreakAway near Domodossolo, on the route of Stage 13 of the Giro d'Italia. MattK1.JPG (271234 bytes) This is Matt K finishing the Giro Stage 19 route in Arraba, Italy.
JohnDColnagoMXL.jpg (184959 bytes) John D's Colnago Master X-Light - "Lightest & quickest steel bike I’ve ever put together" RobertT.jpg (162388 bytes) Robert lived in Morocco for several years, is now back in California, but left this bike with a racer friend there.  Pretty cool.
Karl.jpg (107916 bytes) Karl's Cinelli Aliante - "One badass machine." Tommasini0001a.jpg (85606 bytes) Mark T. with his custom Tommasini.
BobK1.jpg (91875 bytes) Bob K's Colnago C-50 - "It's an awesome bike.  I'm not worthy, but what the heck."
Jaime.jpg (182167 bytes) Here's Jaime climbing Palomar Mountain on his Cinelli. 
mikescinelli008.jpg (105185 bytes) Mike and his Cinelli Super Corsa, and a VW bus, looks like a '70.  update: it's a '71 tourofcalifornia010.jpg (38475 bytes) And here's Mike with his Colnago C-35.
TomAColnago.jpg (43871 bytes) Tom A's 16.5 pound Stars+Stripes Colnago C-40 Cinellipic.jpg (95809 bytes) Dan J's Cinell Super Corsa - This is as classy as they get.
RichardPalosanto.JPG (104061 bytes) Richard's Pegoretti Palosanto moved with him from Bend, Oregon to NYC. Day119WarningSignOutsideBurgessJunction.jpg (317358 bytes) Jonathan's GaryV on a big tour in Wyoming.  
DanBViner.jpg (74564 bytes)

Dan B's Viner - "It has been a real joy to ride.  I have almost 10,000 miles on it."

JohnHUnica.jpg (106416 bytes) John H's bright orange Cinelli Unica
DonH.jpg (136011 bytes) Don's Ritchey Break-Away - Photos taken about 25km north of Tainan, Taiwan at the Tseng Wen Estuary dscn0061.jpg (195980 bytes)

 Rory's Viner - "I couldn’t be more thrilled with your service and quality of work."

TomR.jpg (73943 bytes) Tom R's Cinelli Unica - "It's a beauty to ride." JeffUnica.jpg (142226 bytes) Jeff's Cinelli Unica - “3,000 miles last year and it fits like a hand in a velvet glove!”
kevin.jpg (109104 bytes) Kevin's Cinelli Unica - "I put 1,500 miles on it this year and it just keeps rolling smoother and smoother." Conor.JPG (45862 bytes) Vendetta Cycles, a custom framebuilder here in Oregon.
P1010038a.JPG (139631 bytes) Flying along the John Day River in central Oregon with Mick in front and Mark behind.  An impromptu team time trial on an RAO training day. WoodieFixie.JPG (216672 bytes) My Soma Rush got a make-over with new powdercoat and the Velocity Deep V wood-look rims. 
7624.jpg (101844 bytes) GVH bikes - always on the job!  ( : P2220003.JPG (213068 bytes) Cinelli Estrada!


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